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5 Unusual Ways to Internet Superstardom

As many of you know I have a new venture called One Diary. We’ve been lucky enough to be considered one of the best 10% of entries into the Start Up competition at this year’s The Summit conference. As I’m sure you can imagine, being selected to be represented at such a prestigious and high-profile conference would be a massive boost for us.

I need your help getting through to the next round.

‘Coding Is Easy’ Is a Dangerous Message

So a predictable furore gripped my twitter feed as footage of Lottie Dexter, head of the UK’s Year of Code initiative, appearance on Newsnight emerged.

My concern is not that she doesn’t know how to code but that she was able to so comprehensively belittle the very skillset she was trying to apparently promote.

New Project New Team

Having exited Esendex this summer, it’s time to start all over again and have another go at changing the world.

The new startup is called One Diary and is delivering a flexible and collaborative diary. The antithesis of the current rigid silos we find ourselves cursed with at the moment.

To change the calendars that everyone uses right now (Exchange, Google, etc) is a big, hairy audacious ambition but it really, really needs doing. It’s just going to require a lot of small steps.

My focus now is on two things


There is a strong correlation between having Hautacam on your TdF palmares and performance enhancement through drugs. I took the opposite approach and rode it with a mild hangover.

I got chatting to a local cyclist at one of the campsite dinners who told me how beautiful this climb was. Also, the start of the climb was only about 8km from where we are staying so I couldn’t not do.

However, it turned out to be lot harder than I was anticipating.

Col Du Tourmalet

Today I was Jérémy Roy

The plan today was to take in both ascents of the Col du Tormalet. We’re staying close (20km) to the start of the west ascent so and out, up and over, and back seemed like a ‘sensible’ plan.

Pre Cycle Commute UK Weather Forecast Tweet

I’ve been playing around (see here) and have set up a simple service that tweets me every morning at 7:30am with a simple weather forecast. Importantly it has the information I want as a cycle commuter.

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Likelihood of rain
  • Temperature

Pushing Info to My Pebble Watch

Weather forecast to my Pebble

My Pebble Watch finally arrived this week so I thought I should have a go at pushing information to it. As a cycle commuter I look at the weather every day and am primarily interested in wind direction and rain forecast so I though it would be neat to have this appear on my watch every morning.

Framework Jail & Bail

I’ve been put forward for this year’s Jail & Bail event in support of Framework and I need your help (money).

Framework is the charity Esendex are primarily working with and supporting. Their goal is to stop homelessness in all of it’s forms. What appealed to us the most about working with them was their approach to helping people get the support and training they need to enable them to change their own lives.

Do You Use Calendars?

I’m an eternally frustrated user of computer and phone calendars. I find all sorts of aspects of using them clumsy and ill-suited to the way I work.

Am I the only one?

I have some ideas about how they could be improved but I only represent one perspective. If you use calendars and are within striking distance of either Nottingham or London I’d love to come and buy you a coffee.