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5 Unusual Ways to Internet Superstardom

As many of you know I have a new venture called One Diary. We’ve been lucky enough to be considered one of the best 10% of entries into the Start Up competition at this year’s The Summit conference. As I’m sure you can imagine, being selected to be represented at such a prestigious and high-profile conference would be a massive boost for us.

I need your help getting through to the next round.

Each selected candidate has produced a 60 sec video explaining why they should be represented. In an unashamed popularity contest, the videos that get the most votes win.

You can view our video and vote for us here

That’s not all. Thanks to the power of the Internet and it’s unrivalled power in celebrating vacuous love. You can ask/cajole/strong-arm/threaten your friends to do the same.

They can help you, help One Diary become more popular than all the others in a list of people you haven’t heard of and have no reference to compare; and kittens may be saved as a result.

Here are five handy tweets to help you share the love:

Vote for this video, not for me but for the children

Vote for this video or kittens may become upset

Help create another vacuous Internet celebrity and vote for this video

If you were a real friend you’d vote for this video

This is rubbish, don’t watch it and definitely don’t vote for it

So don’t do it for me, do it for the Internet.

Yours in reckless careerism,

PS I didn’t say whose Internet superstardom did I ;)