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A £200M Acquisition, in Nottingham, Time to Wake Up

I nearly snorted out my cornflakes on Friday morning when I read that TDX Group had been sold to Equifax for £200 million. It is, on the face of it an eye-watering valuation, but I think it’s actually more of a reality check for Nottingham.

In the years I’ve been working in Nottingham there’s been an air of apology to everything we do. We’re not from London or the South East and while we try hard we can’t expect to be as successful as those lucky southerners. I’ve been guilty of it too.

Ambitions naturally get tempered and we think it’s perfectly reasonable for friends and colleagues to go away and find their fortune elsewhere.

The acquisition of TDX reminds us that this is a bullshit attitude.

In our city we have world class data analysts and visionaries that have made TDX into a asset that a global company had to have for a substantial sum.

We have world-class scientists in Haemostatix forming a revolutionary blood clotting agent that will transform surgery and trauma management as well as Scancell creating a cure for frickin’ cancer.

Then you start talking to the guys at Crytek about the ground breaking stuff they’re doing with gaming engines.

We are surrounded by world class talent and organisations. And these are just companies I’ve come into contact with in the last few weeks.

So I suggest we stop apologising and finding reasons not to be as successful as we could be. Let’s reset our ambition and do justice to ourselves, our careers, our companies and our city.

We deserve it.