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Do You Use Calendars?

I’m an eternally frustrated user of computer and phone calendars. I find all sorts of aspects of using them clumsy and ill-suited to the way I work.

Am I the only one?

I have some ideas about how they could be improved but I only represent one perspective. If you use calendars and are within striking distance of either Nottingham or London I’d love to come and buy you a coffee.

Basically I’m looking for 15-20 mins of your time in which I’d like to understand how you currently use calendars and what your current pain points are. Where do you have to work round existing solutions in order to fit them into your way of working?

In return I can offer a warm, invigorating beverage and an empathetic ear as you unload your calendar related tales of woe. I might even throw in a muffin :)

If that sounds like something you’d be up for please get in touch @adambird or