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Easy to Be Critical

In development you get very used to people making sweeping criticisms of your work. People who have not been party to the constant decision and compromise process that is building web sites and applications find it very easy to tell you something sucks.

Great developers quickly evolve the detachment required to step back from their work. Not to take the criticism personally but to distill the real requirements from the criticism to help define and develop a better solution.

I would recommend anyone who’s prepared to slate a web site or application to actually get stuck in and have a go as well. Or, if you don’t have the skills, to sit down with a developer and work with them to build a solution. If at the end of your deep-dive into development you feel like you’ve taken on a thankless task which everyone finds is all to easy to criticise, at least have the self-awareness and humility to remember which boot you used to wear.

And whatever you do, don’t take the criticism personally. It’ll just eat you up and make you very bitter indeed. It is just software after all.