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Framework Jail & Bail

I’ve been put forward for this year’s Jail & Bail event in support of Framework and I need your help (money).

Framework is the charity Esendex are primarily working with and supporting. Their goal is to stop homelessness in all of it’s forms. What appealed to us the most about working with them was their approach to helping people get the support and training they need to enable them to change their own lives.

When you start talking to the team you begin to understand how perilously easy it would be for any of us to become homeless. But, also how tactical intervention and support can rescue people and allow them to participate and contribute to their community again.

We’re doing a number of things with Framework as a team from pure help to fundraising. It’s the latter that I’m currently involved in.

Jail & Bail is a bit of fun designed to raise money for and profile of Framework. Myself and 5 other local people with profiles are being jailed for a variety of crimes.

Mine being ‘the gratuitous wearing of lycra in a public space’.

We will be tried, and in all likelihood, convicted in the courtroom of the Galleries of Justice on May 16th. From their we will be taken down to the cell/dungeon where we will stay until we raise £1000 ‘bail’ money to be paid to Framework.

You can help keep me out of jail and help stop homelessness by donating on my Just Giving page. I urge you to do this sooner rather than later as 2 weeks is not a lot of time to raise £1000.

I would appreciate any support in spreading the word as well. Email your colleagues, click the twitter, facebook and Google+ links and do what you can for this important cause.

Framework’s mission is a crucial one if we want to build an economically successful city that celebrates and supports in equal measure.