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Let's Show Graduates What Nottingham Can Offer

I think it’s time we showed graduates and under-graduates that Nottingham not only represents a great place to get an education but also a fantastic city in which to build a life and career. We have some great creative and tech companies in the city crying out for talented people to join their successful teams. We need to connect people with these opportunities before they depart for more ‘traditional’ destinations.

To do this, I’m running a recruitment event for internships, work placements and graduate positions in the creative and tech companies of Nottingham.

Before you run a mile with visions of milk-rounds and corporate presentations I’m going to set it up it in a way that better reflects how we, the new wave of businesses in the city, operate.

While I appreciate that we’re all often in ‘competition’ for the best talent we can get, a collaborative approach will reap for more benefits for us all. Let’s level the playing field a little and work together to represent Nottingham to the next generation of talented individuals so they can join us in changing our own particular worlds.

So here’s the, current, plan

  1. Contribution to the costs are in proportion to the employers size. I’m looking for a couple of larger organisations to underwrite the event (Esendex will be one) in order that we can get it up and running. Current thinking is: 1-5 employees £75, 6-15 £150, 16-30 £300, 30+ £600.
  2. No presentations, no formal standing up in front of a room full of candidates. Each employer will be represented by a number of existing team members (in proportion to the number of opportunities/size) there to discuss them with the prospects.
  3. Venue will probably be something like Antenna and the costs are to put money behind the bar and some simple catering.
  4. Promotion is through word of mouth, contacts, social media and every other way we all know how. Of course the success of the event will rely on everyone knowing about it.
  5. Participation numbers (both employers and candidates) will controlled and ticketed, using Amiando probably
  6. I’m looking at April as the best time to run it.

Firstly, let me know what you think. What have I missed, what could be improved, what help can you give in promotion? Please use the comments so we can have a discussion.

Secondly if you can offer opportunities to graduates or under-grads then come direct:, @adambird

We’ve started something in Nottingham, let’s push it to the next level.