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New Project New Team

Having exited Esendex this summer, it’s time to start all over again and have another go at changing the world.

The new startup is called One Diary and is delivering a flexible and collaborative diary. The antithesis of the current rigid silos we find ourselves cursed with at the moment.

To change the calendars that everyone uses right now (Exchange, Google, etc) is a big, hairy audacious ambition but it really, really needs doing. It’s just going to require a lot of small steps.

My focus now is on two things

  1. building a prototype to demonstrate servicing what I believe to be an initial, compelling use case
  2. finding the founding team members

It’s the second of these that this post is about. The founding team I’m imagining is as follows.

CEO (me)

Product strategy, growth and ensuring there’s enough money in the bank (through timely fundraising and/or revenue generation).

Back-end Ruby Developer

This is a platform play so the working hypothesis is that an API first approach is critical to it’s ongoing success. The current implementation uses an event-sourced domain with a CQRS approach to the API. This is a real software engineering role.

Front-end JavaScript Developer

A rock solid, rich user experience delivered to web browsers is crucial to ensure people continue to use the service. No jQuery hacking, this is building a fully featured application that is hosted in the browser of all sorts of devices.

Design, Branding and UX Designer

The kind of data we’ll be holding for people is very private and thus we need to be sure that we interact with customers in way that both delights them and gives them confidence in us.

The mode of operation will be a complete buzzword fest: agile, test-driven, continuously deployed, iterative, empircal decision making, constant learning. Anyone who knows me, or how Esendex operates, will know that these aren’t just words but are fundamental to how I try and operate.

Location is pretty open. I would love everyone to be within commuting distance of Nottingham but that just isn’t realistic if I want to work with the best people (and I do) so I’m looking at anywhere in the UK right now.

My plan/idea is to bring the team together for an intense period at the start (in Nottingham) and then we come together fortnightly for a retro on the previous iteration and to plan and start the next iteration. So being able to get to Nottingham without a crazy amount of hassle would probably be helpful.

Salary and options (with a proper earning and vesting schedule) for these roles. I’m seed funding this personally so salaries aren’t going to be crazy. You’ll definitely be able to earn more money doing something else but where would be the fun in that?

If you know someone who might fit please send them this post.

If you are that person then get in touch adam.bird [at] and let’s see if we can make this happen.

What have I missed?