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Oh @vodafoneuk the Week Started So Well

Last week I tweeted about what great support I’d had from Vodafone UK. I’d needed some help setting up a new Blackberry on Monday and the guy on the support desk was great. He was informed, helpful and keen to ensure my BlackBerry was fully setup.

Tuesday morning brought a surprise in the shape of the iPhone 4 I’d ordered.

I was porting my number and knew from previous experience that this could be a fragile process that had to be done in absolutely the correct sequence.

Tempted though I was to plug in, activate my phone and start playing, I made sure I called Vodafone first to ensure I was following due process.

Lucky I did because it seems the porting request and PAC code I’d entered on the web site when I’d ordered the phone hadn’t got through to the porting team. No problem though, the support guy took the SIM number and sorted it out. I was on the porting queue.

Disappointingly this wasn’t to be until Thursday but these things happen. I just had a squared off iPod Touch until then.

Importantly, I’d confirmed with the support guy that I’d done everything I needed to do and I could just sit back and wait until Thursday. I’d also explained that was leaving the country on Thursday evening for a few days so we checked that all international bars had been lifted.

Meanwhile, the SIM activated with. ‘temporary’ number and I had a phone. Bonus! Or so I thought.

Come Thursday my service with O2 ceased first thing in the morning and I waited for the port to happen.

Nothing by around lunchtime so I called up and was told not to worry until four thirty. If it wasn’t done by then I should call back.

Five thirty, still nothing so called up support. Turns out the port and been rejected because the new SIM had activated before the port and wouldn’t accept my number. I needed a new SIM.

I was leaving for France in 90 mins.

The local Vodafone shop was shut.

I was kippered.

My number was dead to anyone that called until I came back to the UK and activated a new SIM

So Vodafone, a couple of suggestions.

a) If someone calls up asking exactly what they need to do to ensure a seamless port of a number. Tell them exactly what they need to do. I can only assume that I wasn’t supposed to put the SIM in the phone until porting day?

b) If a port is rejected, phone the person up on another number you have for them (you had at least one more for me) to let them know. It might be that they can sort it out.

Porting numbers shouldn’t be difficult.