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Professional Bike Fitting, Worth Every Penny

While I was in San Francisco I took the opportunity of having a bike fitting session at Pacific Bikes on 3rd Street,

I’d wondered about having it done for a while but prices in the UK seemed steep and you generally had to travel far to get it done. Pacific Bikes was around the corner from the hotel and open late so I bit the bullet.

So glad I did. 

Jared, the guy who set me up, was a complete bike fitting geek. He measured, tuned, modified and chatted me through the process with an array of protractors, measures, levels and lasers.

He made some small and some quite radical changes, none of which I would have had the accuracy or braveness to undertake.

The result:

 1. I’m not moving round on the saddle as much, I used to drift forward quite a bit, now i’m pretty much in one place
2. My glutes are doing more of the work when I’m in the saddle which is obviously a good thing.
3. I feel more confident on descents as well as getting less shoulder ache when descending

So if you ride a bike in anyway seriously get it done and if you’re in San Francisco go and see Jared, he rocks.