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Why @YoSushiNotts Annoyed Me Today

Seems only fair that I explain what prompted my vitriolic tweet earlier.

I decided to treat myself to Yo Sushi takeaway for lunch today. I wanted something quick and felt I deserved something nice and it’s just round the corner from the office, perfect.

Got in there, ordered quickly and was told 5 mins. Brilliant.


I asked if i should wait at the bar and was told that I had to sit on a bar stool next to the door. To be fair, the manager was kind enough to move the cleaners sign.
So there I sat shivering in the full blast of the above door air-conditioning like a second-class pariah because I wasn’t eating in.

Now imagine a different scenario where I’m invited to sit at the bar, where there was plenty of space. I could have been offered a drink, I could have felt a bit peckish and picked something of the belt. Suddenly my £11 takeaway becomes a £16+ purchase and I’m having a nicer time.

That old win-win scenario anyone selling something should crave.

Instead I’m sat shivering on my naughty stool.

Luckily though I’m in full view of the chef assembling my takeaway who had confirmed the 5 min time with the manager when I ordered. It was bound to be quick.

I take the opportunity to read a few more pages of Bad Blood on my iPhone while I’m waiting. Pages turn into chapters and finally a chef calls across to me, ‘are you the guy waiting for takeaway, sorry I’ve got it here, it’s been ready a while’.

He walks round to bring the food round, very apologetic, but doesn’t give me the food because he wants to put it in a bag. No problem, except he then leaves it on the counter with the person manning the till.
There is a big queue and I’ve already paid.

So I walk round pick up the food, have to insist that I have paid to the person on the till and then discover that the chef had done just as he said. Put the food in a bag.

No chopsticks, napkins or condiments.

In the end I get them myself.

By this stage I’m a little cross and the safest course of action for all involved is for me to leave the establishment as quickly as possible. Restricting my fury venting to the aforementioned tweet.

So there you have it. A treat soured through a combination of small-mindedness and ineptitude.

And it was the former, by the manager of all people, that riled me the most.